Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (Belated!)

This year David was scheduled to work on Valentine's Day BOOOOO!!! So we decided that on the 13th, we'd do my birthday dinner - I picked Jake's Tex Mex mmmmmm - and then we'd take the kids to their promised Build A Bear treat. We'd been promising them this for months. It was packed when we got there (an hour before closing) and the biggest bummer was that their stuffing machine was broken :( So the kids picked out the animal they wanted from their display and didn't get to kiss the hearts and put em in or anything! If you've never had a BAB experience I probably just lost you huh? Sorry! Basically they have this row of bins full of different animal skins, you pick the one you want, pick up a heart, take it over to the stuff and watch the stuffing FILL UP you're animal, then they sew up the back and send you on your way. I have to admit, it is pretty cool! We ended up having Colby's UNsewn, a heart put in, and then resewn because he was pretty upset about missing out on that part. Lacie didn't seem to mind but in hindsight we should have had hers done too because the next day her's came UN sewn anyway! Anywho here are a few pics from our night o' LOVE!
Here's me and my kiddos at Jake's Tex Mex - they didn't like the food :(
MMMMM Chocolate cake from Jake's!!!
Digging through the skins
Me and my Valentine
Giving his penguin a "bath" Scrubbing her kittty
Ready to type up their birth certificates
Ready to take their new friends home!


Cosmo Mom said...

u mean, you didn't buy 100 worth of clothes for the animals??