Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who does this?

Who runs away and then comes back?????
I do hahaha and I'm pretty sure other mommies do too!

Tonight I ran away. I was feeling a wee bit closed in so I made a quick escape to my mecca for some ALONE time. I caught myself speeding down the freeway and practically RUNNING into the store LOL Seriously! I strolled the aisles and picked up the few things I needed, skimmed a magazine, and drooled over some pretties. I was only gone for a lil over an hour and I didn't buy ANYTHING for myself, but it was still VERY nice. I was a lil shocked at how quickly my mood picked up and then dropped again as I made my exit. I was much slower driving home haha. Luckily I was greeted by a clean livingroom and kitchen! I seriously have THE Best husband and kids! Which makes me want to point out that it isn't THEM that I was running away from! SWEAR! Just needed a break from "life" and all the things floating around in it currently. It's amazing what a lil retail therapy - even when it's just the necessities - can do for a gal! Oh and we can't forget the yummy popcorn and Dr Pepper that kept me company!


Cosmo Mom said...

it's nice to get away all alone, and i don't think it really matters where it is, as long as somebody isn't tugging on you saying the words MOMMY a million times

Cheeziemommie said...

sometimes that is true for me but for some reason tonight it HAD to be Target, walgreens or some other store just wouldn't have cut it! haha

Anonymous said...

LOL! Target is my mecca too. I plan on escaping there when Mitch gets back from his trip.