Friday, January 25, 2008

Sister's First Check

Confession time - Lacie got a $20 check for her graduation from pre-K from her great grandparents, and we JUST cashed it! Ya'll know she's been in Kindergarten for half a year now right? HORRIBLE! They gave her a check thinking that she would love the experience of endorsing it and taking it in the bank. I feel terrible that it took us so long to actually do it!

Well regardless she LOVED it! She wrote her lil name and then went to the bank with Daddy and got her 20 smackaroos (20 $1 bills that is!). Later that night, we went to Target and let her pick out what she wanted to spend her money on. Which ended up being a Barbie car and pool :) Now in hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea to have her open her own account but well, as I said HINDSIGHT!


Megan said...

that is a really neat idea to give the kids a check....mabey I'll suggest that for Matthew's 6th birthday, and I'll use your hindsight and open an account for him ;)
BTW I blogged AGAIN!!!! I'm on a roll.....LOL