Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I just read a great article that was passed onto me by a friend. It is called 12 Ways to Make Your Kids Financially Savvy. IT WAS GREAT!!!! Especially to a financially dysfunctional kinda gal! I think every parent should read this thoroughly and consider adding some of his suggestions to your household. Even though we already agreed to considerably cut out our eating out this month, I can't wait till we can try out the soda bargain with our kids! You'll have to read the article to know what I'm talking about! I am also going to REALLY start working hard with the kids about delayed gratiication. I am sorry to say that we just missed a wonderful opportunity with Lacie this past weekend when she had the experience of cashing her very first check (a blog on that event - with pictures - will come later). I am kicking myself for taking better advantage of that opportunity. Which just goes to show that the hubs and I have a lot to learn when it comes to finances too! Be sure to lemme know what you thought of the article!