Saturday, December 8, 2007

I won something!!!

The hubs and I have been "blessed" with HORRIBLE luck! You should see us at the fair, with a lottery ticket, or *horrified shudder* Vegas. It is S A D. And unfortunately our children have had this passed down to them - there was a VERY unfortunate event at a cake walk this past halloween where my son had to play the game darn near 20 times AND get help from 2 friends before he could win a stinkin cake! UGH
Anyway I was pleasantly to find this email from the author of my FAVE mommy blog - Suburban Turmoil

Congrats! You've won a Trendy Tadpole shirt! Thanks for playing!

She has a blog that reviews cool products and such for kids and moms and had recently done a review on these cutie patootie shirts - She was also doing a drawing - post a comment for an entry and you might win. Well I loved the shirts right off the back so I posted a comment anyway but had NO hopes of winning.
BUT I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stinkin exciting is that?

Also, the owner/designer? is offering all of my friends 30% off!!! You should SO take advantage of this! They are ADORABLE! She says sizes run small so order the next size up!
Use code 30off