Friday, December 7, 2007

Husband of the Year

Ya'll might argue with me here but I seriously have the Husband of the Year. He calls tonight to tell me he's running late and I wig out a lil on him. Then he brings dinner home and Queenie is unhappy with what he brought her, then I explain to him why I wigged out on the phone which is really just a whole lot more wiggage. What a welcome home for the weekend package we are for him huh? I had calmed Lacie down and had told her that we should be happy that daddy is home and that he was sweet enough to surprise us with dinner and all these things that I KNEW I should be listening to myself! UGH So then the hubs and I are talking about how the house is a mess and how we're having people over tomorrow and the plans that we have during the day. NOW GET THIS! Not more than 30 minutes AFTER his yucky welcome home, my husband offers to stay home and CLEAN THE HOUSE! AND GO TO THE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND he's only sending me out with ONE kid! I do NOT deserve this man!