Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Summer To Do List

**In NO particular order**
in progress

1. Keep up with this blog better! - Practically a FAIL :(

2. Get caught up on my Project 365 blog (caught up to April 3oth!) - OY haven't done any more with this and I certainly haven't been taking photos everyday :( FAILx2

3. Play a game &/or read WITH my kids everday

4. RE-organize my kitchen

5. Purge our entire house and get things ready for LFR in the fall. BAHAHAHA this project will be pushed back til after school starts and their aren't 3 other beings in my house complaining about what I am or am not getting rid of!

6. Paint our bedroom, the hall bathroom, and the laundry room - How bout paint my scrap room? Almost done!

7. Switch the playroom & my craftroom

8. This one is personal

9. Lose 30 pounds

10. Complete at least 30 layouts (20/30)

11. Have friends over for a "just because" party

12. Read 8 books (8/8)

13. Go an entire week (or more!) without eating out for ANY meal OR snack

14. Record some videos of my kids doing summer activities

15. Sign my kids up for some extra curricular activities
Colby's playing Tball & Lacie is doing gymnastics!

16. Start going to church again

17. Celebrate July 4th at the beach

18. Go to Disneyland 2-3 times :) (2/3)

19. Learn how to embroider

20. Learn how to use photoshop elements - changed my mind about this one

21. Make my own laundry soap

22. Plan Lacie's birthday dinner

23. Plan Colby's birthday party

24. Get an overnight away with my hubby

25. Hang up pictures and other decor in my barren house of 2 years OY

26. Get caught up on my kids school albums
Lacie's kindergarten & Pre-K pages are DONE. Colby's Pre-K pages are done too!


Megan said...

wow sounds like fun!
My to do list consists of 3 things:
-go on vacation to S.C.
- get bills current, and money flowing
-get yard ready for August's union ceremony! :)

Much less exciting than yours!
Hope to see you guys after we get back, Have a great summer!