Tuesday, May 5, 2009

National Scrapbooking Weekend

The first Saturday in May has been dubbed National Scrapbook Day and my local store always hosts a weekend long cropfest. Friday from 4pm-12am, Saturday 8am - 12pm, and Sunday 10am - 6pm. It is UBER fun people! Tons and tons of presents and prizes to be won! Seriously people FUN TIMES!!! All the ladies there are SO nice and it is really fun to see everyone's different styles. Here a few pics from my weekend and also the pages that I worked on :) (They are a bit out of order because Blogger is being a hag and not letting me move them around)

The theme was a weekend in Paris so the decor, make n takes, and food all had a paris theme. There were lots of fun vintage hats for us to try on and play with! This yellow one was made for me don't ya think?

This is a card I made...

This is what I left home on Friday afternoon LOL

These are keychains we made Friday night. They were SO fun!

A page I did of my Lacie Bug

Yes there are exactly 100 buttons on this page :)

The only 2 page layout I did all weekend hahaha

The green background paper is actually bumpy like LEGOS are. So fun!
This page is adorable but it cost me just around $10 to make due to poor decisions on my part :(

This is just one of the fabulous presents we got.


Talia said...

your pages are so cute. you're very creative!!

and I love that hat on you. It's lovely!

Anna said...

awesome pages girl! you kicked butt... I never get that much done at a crop... I couldn't make it this year but I plan to be there next year..... I love the lego one.... I have that paper too (I thinking darth varder layout - my boys are lego crazy.....) the button one is very cool - great card.. and yes the yellow hat is sooo you ;) xo, anna

Salai said...

Need a picture of me and you on here ?Love the post and thinking of a creative name for you

Cheeziemommie said...

Miss Salai I specifically remember you telling me NOT to put pictures of you on my blog? I figure facebook was pushin it ;0 I'll add one if you'd like though!