Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Backwards, and forwards

Not sure what my deal is these days but I just haven't been in the mood to write about what's been going on in my neck of the woods. Nothing bad has happened, I actually don't have PMS (shocker!), I'm not drowning in a book (but I am getting ready to start this one, am I the last person on earth?). Anyway, nothing has been keepin me from writing. I've been focusing on housework and house projects and a wee bit o' craftiness. Oh and a little thing some people like to call Facebook, but I call the black hole that I get sucked into daily and only come out when my kids need to be picked up or fed!

I finally got the gumption tonight to whip up my first ever video using the pictures I took on our recent anniversary trip. Last weekend, my parents were darling enough to keep our kids so that we could get away together. Our anniversary actually isn't until March 18th but with David's work + school schedule this was our only chance to celebrate. He has class the Saturdays before and after our anniversary, he is working the nights before & after our anniversary, and has class on our actual anniversary :( So we HAD TO GET AWAY when we could hahaha!

Now some of you may think that we are crazy for 1) celebrating our big day at Disneyland and 2) for going without the kiddos. Well ya we're crazy like that :)

We had a blast going on pretty much ALL the grown up rides, something we never get to do! I was trying to be a brave little wifey and accompany my man on all these scary rides but after going on The Tower of Terror I was dunzo! That is THE scariest thing I have EVER done in my ENTIRE life! No, I do not care how dramatic that sounds. I almost crapped my pants! I will never understand why being terrified, dropped a bajillion stories, or jerked around is FUN and entertaining for anyone!!! If you can, pause it when you get to the pic from Tower of Terror. I am gripping my love for dear life and he is laughing hysterically. The other people in the pic are posing, raising their hands, & even whistling! I was CRYING and praying for the welfare of my children after my untimely demise! No joke! Not fun, not fun at all and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Something else I have to mention, I forgot my camera charger :( I was able to eek out enough juice for these few pictures but there were so many photo ops that I just couldn't get.

All was made right with the world when my hunny bought us Annual Passes! He said, "Now we can come back when your camera is charged" hahaha he's such a sweetie pie! Seriously how did I get so d*amn lucky!? I have coveted Annual Passes for quite some time now! Did you know that SoCal residents can now use a payment plan for them? For a one income family like us that is a dream come true! Reason #1029383821 why I heart Disney.

Ok enough rambling, here's my wittle slideshow... mute my soundtrack down at the bottom so you can hear my favoritest love song ever while you look at the pics!


See Sherm Blog said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Glad you guys had a good time at Disneyland!!