Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Colby got awards too!

At the begining of December, Colby was given quite a few awards at the Kindergarten assembly. He was awarded for being able to count from to 100, recognizing all of his letters by sight and the sounds as well, he can recognize and write his numbers from 0-30, he knows his birthday and his address, and for having perfect attendance for the first trimester. He was really nervous before the assembly and swore that he was going to have "stage fright" even though I promised him that his friends would be up there with him. He did great when he got up there with his buddies and was so tickled every time he heard his name called over the sound system. We are so proud of our big boy and how well he is acclimating and thriving in "big kid" school!

In this first picture he was looking and looking through the crowd to see if I was there yet. :)This is him getting his first certificate, as well as a cool pencil from the principal, that's his teacher on the right. LOVE HER!

On stage in between awards.