Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Making History with my babes

So we all know what today was. And we all know the results. Although it wasn't what I voted for I am still proud to be an American. Proud to see how many people turned out to vote. Proud to witness the history that happened with this election. And I'm now anxious to see what direction Obama is going to take our country. It's going to be very interesting to say the least!
I have always taken my kids with me to vote. It's something that my mom did with me. With each year they are able to understand more of what is going on. During one of the presidential debates I was explaining to Lacie who those two guys on TV were and what they were talking about. She asked who we were voting for and suggested we vote for Obama because "he's handsome". She was also very upset when she found out that I was voting for the "grandpa" but happy that at least her dad was voting for "the brown guy". Oh the innocence of children. For her (and all the other children in this country) I really do hope that the right choice was made. Here are some pictures of our family outing to the polls:
We canceled each other out LOL

I love that he put it over his mouth! So artistic and he didnt' even know it!


See Sherm Blog said...

This really awesome that you make it a family event and make sure your kids know how important it is to vote. Something that I will for sure be doing as a parent. :-)

Cosmo Mom said...

Cute pictures friend. Oiy! I like the picture where you said "we canceled each other out" haha