Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day # 4 - SLO Baby!

On Day 4 Daddy woke up early to go play golf by himself :) The kids and I hung out at the beach house - watching movies, reading, playing, etc. until he got home.

Then it was time to go into San Luis Obispo for some SHOPPING! The kids had received Barnes & Noble gift certificates for their birthdays from Nonna & Papa, and we had saved them for them to spend at the one in SLO (pretty smart eh?). So B & N was first on the list and the kids had a blast picking out whatever books they wanted. Colby ended up with 3 more dinosaur books to add to his collection, and a book about Iron Man too. Lacie picked out Anne of Green Gables, a Princess book, and a Barbie fashion book. Mommy & Daddy were able to pick out some books too! We sent Daddy off to put the books in the car and the kids and I went to get some frozen yogurt mmmmm.

Then we headed into the humongous 2 story ROSS to do some school shopping. GREAT DEALS in this place! I could have spent alot more time and alot more money there but the natives were getting restless so we checked out, packed it up, and headed home. But we had to make one last quick stop...


The kids were kinda grossed out at first but then they warmed up to the idea and we each put our chewed up gum on the wall along with a BILLION other pieces. After admiring the "artwork", Lacie decided that she wanted her piece left in the shape of an L!