Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was Day 1 of my kids' first Vacation Bible School ever. (sorry no pictures :( )
After some nervousness this morning - they didn't know anyone - they came home totally counting down until tomorrow!
I asked Colby what he learned about today and he said "Just Jesus!" :)


Colleen Sherman said...

haha... that's hilarious!

Megan said...

too cute!

StepheLynne said...

How fun! I always loved VBS. What church did they go to?

Talia said...

aw, that's so cute! What more could you ask for. :)

I must admite that I am jealous of your upcoming family beach trip. Oh, that sounds SO lovely.

And yes, that orange chicken was TASTY. I've never had Costco's, but I certainly won't get it now that you've told me how nasty it is! :)