Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Bloggy Blues

My blog didn't get very much attention over the past month. I posted some pretty random stuff but not really much about our lives has been mentioned! That's an entire 31 days that for the most part went undocumented! EEK! I had hoped to catch up on that this past week but it just didn't happen. I did get all of my pictures uploaded but after that there was no time for writing!
We leave tomorrow for our weeklong vacation and with that many more pictures and events to be documented. So my plan is to blog as much as I can about July while I'm gone and then be ready to start with August when we come back! Now the internet connection at the beach house is sketchy at best (i.e. we'll be stealing the neighbors wi-fi unless I can sneak away to Starbucks!) so I'll probably be writing in WORD and posting it all when I can. So stay tuned for The Gagos in July :)

  • Lacie's birthday event
  • Summertime fun
  • The Double Birthday Party
  • Back to School shopping
  • Presley's Diabetes BUNCO fundraiser
  • An amazing friend story
  • And who knows what else! :)

Goodbye for now!!!


Megan said...

can't wait! I'm eagerly awaiting some new reads about the fabulous Gago family!!! :) have a good vacation!