Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Party Prep

Yup, it's that time of year again,

It's just around the corner.
My kids' birthday parties that is.
And the celebration of another year of joint celebration hahaha
Wonder how much longer we'll get away with it?
Anyone want to take bets?
I really thought last year was gonna be the last year.
Hmmm well your guess is as good as mine!
This year the lucky place of chaos is good ole Chuck E Cheese
I always swore that my kids would NEVER darken their doorsteps much less have their parties there!
But CEC has changed quite a bit since my day and well I just plain like the idea of not having to get my house cleaned up before & after!
So, I came up with this lil diddy to mail out to family & a few friends.
Whadya think?
**David said the colors weren't summery or reflective of their personalities enough, other opinions appreciated!**

The wording (edited for privacy):

Summer fun has begun,
With our two birthdays rolled into one!
#6 for her, #5 for him,
Let the party fun begin!
There’ll be Tokens & games for everyone,
If you join us for some birthday fun!
We’re a month apart but we’ll meet halfway,
So July th is the big party day!
We’re meeting the mouse at 6 o’clock,
Be sure to be there on the dot!
There will be plenty of pizza on the table to eat,
But call our mom so she can save your seat!
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Colleen Sherman said...

I think its really cute. I recognize the kit. :-) I have it too. But it is a bit more fall-like that summery. Still cute thought and I would have never thought that it wasn't right for their birthday party. Here is my favorite scrap booking website... incase you haven't come across this one. Its awesome.

Megan said...

I love the wording, I have to say I agree with David on the colors, seems like it should be brighter, otherwise I think its great!