Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!! a slight rant

So I am all about "Going Green" although that term does irritate me a bit. I started recycling this year as one of my new year's resolutions. I have started using green cleaning products and we are of course all about using energy saver appliances and such because it saves US money! hehehe And I am for sure freaked out by Global Warming so I'm down for anything I can do to delay that! I also REALLY enjoy me a really good piece of organic fruit :)
But there are a few things that I am looking forward to implementing to get us a lil bit more green around here. We use A TON of baggies! Mostly because they are perfect for snacks around the house or on the go but also because I don't wanna do anymore dishes than I have to! But that's just plain laziness right! So I'm gonna be working on that.
Another thing I'll be doing is recycling our grocery bags and buying some of those reusable bags that stores have now.
And I've even been looking into a few scrapbooking manufacturers that use recycled paper! Paper Trunk, and Piggy Tales are a couple of companies I have fell in love with recently.
So these are a few lil ways that I have been attempting to do my part for our world. The kid shave been fascinated in learning about recycling. Tomorrow and Friday they are going on firled trips, we were told to pack them a lunch that would not result in ANY trash. Cloth napkins, wrapping sandwiches in wax paper, thermoses for their drinks. How stinking cute is that!?

Ok so now here comes my rant. WHY is it that organic foods, or "green" cleaning products & appliances, or the almight hybrid vehicles cost so much MORE than the regular bad for you and the world products? That just seems ridiculous to me.
Like the food thing - doesn't organic mean that there is no added pesticides and such? So if you have to do LESS work to produce it, shouldn't it be cheaper?
And hybrid vehicles are CRA-HAZY expensive yah? What I don't get is, if this is the best way to make a vehicle that does considerably less damage to our world, then WHY isn't that the ONLY types of vehicles out there? And why do they have to be so inaccessible to the average joe?
Now these are my very unresearched statements. Comments?


Megan said...

I think that the produce costs more because they actually have to do more work to keep bugs from distroying the plants since they aren't spraying them with toxic chemicals....about the only thing I try to buy that is organic is my meat because then i'm not filling my body with excess antibiotics or growth hormones! as for fruit I figure I can wash it off, or grow it myself!