Thursday, March 20, 2008

World's Tiniest Girl

My Lacie Bug has always been somewhat on the wee side of size. At 5 and a half years of age she rings in at a whopping 35 pounds and about 37" tall! She is about 2 heads smaller than most kids her age. We like to joke that she gets "Hand Me UPS" instead of Hand-me-downs from my lil sis because their size is so opposite :) My mom taught her the mantra "Petite Is Neat" when she started to really get down on being the smallest around.

Anyway all this rambling is leading to the fact that I've been going through her clothes from past summers, getting things ready for Little Feet Repeats (which is just 2 weeks away!). These clothes range in size from 24 months - 4T. It is crazy to think that just last summer she could still wear some things that were in the infant department! And now she is completely into the big girl clothes (sizes 4 and up).

This is a pic of her last spring with one of my daycare babies onesies on. I believe it was a 6-9 month onesie and she was almost 5!!!!


Megan said...

how cute! I wish I had little babies! mine have always been huge!!!!