Thursday, March 13, 2008

Total Embarrassment

Over on Colleen's blog, I found out about a lil photo challenge put on by this gal. You can read about it here, but basically she challenged her readers to post and embarassing picture for everyday this past week. I'm not usually one to voluntarily embrass myself - my husband is MUCH better at that! But for some reason, this challenge, I couldn't resist! But I am kinda late in the game and I only have a few pictures but here ya go. These are hysterical!

I had the boy haircut in Kindergarten :( LOL but more importantly what the HECK was I wearing!

This was the 1st day of my 4th grade year. Rockin the 80's eh?

Oh man, the hair! I was not introduced to mousse or the proper care of frizzy wavy hair for quite some time!! The short with the lil sports bra strap showing! HAHAHA

This was either the end of my soph or jr year of highschool. That's me on the far right. Apologies to the other girls that were included in this picture hehehehe


Colleen said...

haha. these are pretty good!! I LOVE the 80's outfit. I don't think you could get more 80's. And the school picture is awesome... I think the hair cut might be boarderline mullet!! Looking good!

StepheLynne said...

Those are classic!! I love the one with you, Kendra, Julie, and Gretchen! Good times!

Cosmo Mom said...

niiiice. man was I dark!!!

Megan said...

LOL those are great, I especially love the 80's outfit....hehehe