Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a difference a day makes...

We interrupt this post for 2 very important announcements --

  • THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!! How exciting is that?!?!
  • Henceforth (haha I love using words like that!) my family will have new blog nicknames. None so original but easier to comprehend. My husband = the hubs, my daughter = Sister, and my son = Brother.

Today I have been having what I like to call "A DAY". Not necessarily a bad day, but not a good day either.

Brother had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this morning to tackle his anxiety issues (:( More on those later). So I had plans to drop Sister off at school and had really no other choice then to take the 2 daycare babies with us (BTW that's the LAST time I'm doing that). Well things were pretty chaotic around here this morning as I'm sure you can imagine and since Sister (out of sheer concern I'm sure) really wanted to go with us anyway, we skipped the drop off and headed straight for the doctors. All things considered, the 4 of them were very well behaved. It's just really difficult to discuss important matters regarding 1 child, when you have 1 baby getting into everything, another crawling up and down your lap, and then the older 2 fighting over a coloring book :( Luckily it was a speedy appointment, we all got our sugar-free lollipops and hit the road to the school because they still had about an hour and a half left in their day and by golly I am paying for it so why not? haha
Leaving the school and getting lunch together is ALWAYS a really hairy time for me. EVERYONE is hungry, thirsty, and borderline sleepy at the SAME EXACT TIME! Sound like fun? But I muddled through and got them all fed, changed, and into their respective beds for some much needed quiet time! YAY!!! Now I can enjoy my messy house in peace & quiet! hehe

So my son has anxiety issues. He's had them for awhile now and I am learning more and more everyday just where he gets them from - his father. They both do NOT handle change or stress very well AT ALL :( Unfortunately for Brother, being 4 years old and all, these issues do not make for a very easy time at preschool (especially when your beloved teacher is gone for the entire month of December!). Anywho his doctor recommended a local counselor so we will be making an appointment with him for sometime during Christmas break. I am anxious for Brother and us to learn of some tricks to help muddle through his anxieties! :)


Colleen Sherman said...

i'm so bummed that i didn't even noticed when i hit 100. congrats on all the blogging!! I'm sure nablopomo helped!! :-) keep the blogs coming.

Megan said...

I'm glad that you got a refferal from your doctor!, next time you have an appointment, call me!! at the very least, I can keep all the kids in the waiting room while you talk to the doctor, or I can always keep them at my house!