Friday, December 28, 2007

A Very Poppie and Mammie Christmas

Christmas Eve FINALLY came! We've been counting down days to Present-Palooza for weeks! We were off to Poppie and Mammie's house for a yummy lunch of homemade chili in Pyrenees bread bowls and PRESENTS! MMMMM! The siblings and grandkids drew names amongst eachother so it was lots of fun seeing who got what. We had a REALLY nice time spending the day with everyone.

David drew Belle's name and got her HSM2!!! I love her face in this picture. And Lacie was very jealous! haha

Mailboxes from Mammie and Poppie/Mom and Dad. The begining of the note passing fascination begins!

The kids all got a really cool fishing set for the bathtub.

I made some tshirts for Baby Ray. This one, and one that said Everybody Loves Raymond, and a Nertz one "I haven't been changed because my parents are still playing Nertz"

My baby sister "Ham2" (me being Ham1)

Poor Baby Ray was sick :(

Crazy noisy horses on sticks from Nana!

Looks like he LOVES his magna doodle from Auntie K and Uncle Davey!

David got this cool HOME plate doormat from my parents - would go great in his ManCave don't ya think? haha If only he were getting one!

I made those! Gotta love the iron on printer paper!

Nana with a pretty cross that we bought her that says NANA on it

I don't have any pics of the purdies that I got but I got I really cool purse from my sis and some FUN antique coffee cans to decorate my kitchen with from my parents.