Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I think stressing out at Christmastime should be illegal, yet this year the two seem to be synonomous :( This is definitely my favorite time of year and usually I'm totally on the ball with things - certainly not finishing up shopping and wrapping the very weekend before the holiday like we will be this year. But for some reason I can not seem to catch up and get a grip on things this year. I am still really enjoying the wonder and excitement in my kids and seeing all the lil decorations that they have been making in school that I know will be around our house for years to come. And I am REALLY trying to keep things into perspective as far as all the wonderful things that we have and reminding myself of others less fortunate. I have been reiterating to the kids, and myself, the story of that very first Christmas so long ago. And still at the same time, stressing over the gifts we bought or need to buy. Will so and so like this or that better? What if the kids don't care for what we bought them? What if this is the year they stop believing in Santa? Who throws fits at Christmastime? Why can't my house be clean for longer than an hour!? I'm sure others can relate. I REALLY need to get a grip. I am counting down the days and hours to Friday night. David and I will be done with work, the kids will be done with school, and we can just be a family. I want to ignore the fact that we don't have money to go see the Lights at Calm and just enjoy driving around town to see the freebies. I want to soak in the anticipation of "Santa" coming instead of worrying about how many presents we bought or didn't buy. I want to sit on my beautiful couch, in my beautiful home, that we OWN and not worry about how much money is or isn't in our bank account.
I want to not S T R E S S!