Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Totally procrastinating

What do I do when I don't wanna do what I'm supposed to be doing??????
Twirl around in cyberspace!!!!!
Here's my list of things to do:

  • pick up my bedroom (the least of all the jobs on this list)
  • clean the kids' rooms (HOLY MOLY!!!)
  • sort, fold AND put away the pile of laundry that has been in my livingroom for the last 5 days :(
  • Finish cleaning the kitchen
  • Clean the livingroom

That's all that needs to be done tonight & in the morning. We're having company over tomorrow and then the BIG day is only HOURS away (like the drama?).

Lots to do Lots to do! All the while I am feeling dizzy, clammy, cotton mouth, nautious (sp?), and headachey :( NOT a good week to feel icky!!!

Ok ok I better go! Goodnight cyberspace!