Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thirteen Thursday

13 Things I would like to buy for our house:

  1. A security screen door
  2. A painter to paint the rooms in this house
  3. A new bed for us and Colby too since I'm wishing
  4. A swingset
  5. A big screen TV
  6. LOTS of Christmas decorations
  7. An entertainment center
  8. A bedroom set (dressers, bedstand, nightstands) for our room
  9. Panels for some of the windows
  10. Wallpaper for my kitchen backsplash
  11. A very large - ok maybe a few - artpiece(s) for the livingroom
  12. A spray thingy for my kitchen sink
  13. A rug


Megan said...

we have a paint sprayer if you want to borrow it, but it uses ALOT more paint then rollers (just FYI)
Also, when you get the sprayer for your sink, let me know, Rob installed my faucet for me, its one of the ones that comes out like a sprayer!
If you want help hanging pictures this week, let me know! I love decorating :)