Sunday, November 11, 2007

Survey Sunday!!!

One thing I'd grab if my house were on fire:

Besides my family?! My computer! It has all my pics on it!

One thing I wish I could throw away:

How bout 2 things - Some of my kids' schoolwork (I hold onto ALL of it!) and all of the pictures that I don't plan to scrap but can't seem to get rid of.

One thing I'll never, ever throw away:

Things my kids have made for me.

Something I lost and still miss:

My flute.

Something I've kept since childhood:

The notes my girlfriends and I exchanged from jr high through high school.

A food item I never run out of:


A household brand I'm very loyal to:


Something I sleep with every night:

My husband!

One thing that's on my wish list:

Pregnancy, adoption, whatever it takes to get my another baby!

Something I take with me wherever I go:

My kids or the daycare babies - well at least it seems like they're always with me :)

Something that makes me smile when I see it:

A sweet babies gummy smile

Something my children fight over:

The seat next to or behind me

Something I hate to clean:

Everything! haha jk seriously I HATE to do dishes!

Something I show off when people visit:

Pictures of my kiddos

Something I hide when people visit:

Dirty laundry!

Something I am embarrassed to admit I like:

Watching Kim Possible (and other Disney shows meant for pre-teens!)

LOL I Love em and can't get enough of em!

Something I collect:

Proud collector of scrapbooking supplies and beautiful pictures/memories!

Now if I could only figure out how to collect TIME to put those 2 fun things together!

Something I avoid at all costs:


Something that reminds me of my mother:

PINK, a clean house, Martha Stewart, flowers

The best gift I've ever received:

Besides my husband and beautiful chilren? I'd say those tix to Disneyland that

my parents bought us last year so that David & I could go for New Year's Eve last year.


StepheLynne said...

You lost your flute?!?! Mine's in my closet :)

And I avoid seafood, too!

Anonymous said...

you still have all of our notes???