Sunday, November 4, 2007

Survey Sunday

A newbie for ya! I absolutely love surveys! So I'm going to attempt to keep this weekly bit up! Feel free to do the same, I think surveys are a great way to learn more about your friends!

1. Favorite TV show: of all time? FRIENDS currently? well they're all on ABC - General Hospital, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, & Private Practice.

2. Favorite music: I LOVE Disney - songs from the movies, songs from the lil preteen stars. And I also enjoy MOST country music (Carrie Underwood BIG time!!!)

3. Favorite color: Purple for sure but really I love ALL colors even poop brown & mustard yellow!

4. Five favorite things to do: snuggle my kids &/or the hubs, READ!, scrapbook, blog (including read other people's that I don't even know), & watch my fave TV shows in silence

5. Favorite ice cream: Pumpkin from Cold Stone

6. Stitches?: More like STAPLES!!! All across my abdomen - twice - after giving birth to my children.

7. States I've been to: California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, New Jersey

8. Favorite snacks: Chips and Salsa or anything sweet!

9. What I'm most proud of: Being married for almost 8 years and my sweet children

10. Favorite store: That would be a tie between Target & Michael's


Char said...

Thank you Thank you for your trunk or treat answer - I am from MN and we have NEVER done anything like this - would have NEVER guessed - Thank you!