Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Halloween Festivities

Another Halloween has come and gone. I remember a period of time when Halloween was NO big deal. I think from about age 13-21. Then I had kids. Picking out their first costumes, traipsing around town to visit friends and grandparents, eating all their candy ;). Kids make this holiday (and all holidays really) WAY more fun than I can remember. I love showing them pictures of themselves as babes in costumes, talking about Halloween from when I was a kid, planning what they want to dress up as from year to year. I love it!

This year we carved our pumpkins the night before Halloween. The kids were totally grossed out by the pumpkin guts and wouldn't touch any of it! We had to borrow the Coach's muscles for the scooping and then I took over the carving. Rex wanted his jackedy lantern to be MEAN and Lacie wanted hers to be HAPPY.

The next morning we went to their school carnival. There was a jumper, popcorn, cotton candy, a cake walk, sponge toss, balloon animals, and LOTS of costumes! It was so cute to see all the lil kids dressed up and to see my kids interacting with their friends and teachers on such a fun day. This is a pic of my sister Isabelle as Sharpay Evans from High School Musical, Colby as Luke Skywalker, and Lacie as a lil Angel.

I got to show off my lil daycare babes in their costumes too. Aren't they cute?

After lunch with Auntie, naps, and the daycare babes left, Nonna (my mother-in-law) came over for dinner-pizza mmmmm. The plan was for the Coach and I to take the kids trick-or-treating while she stayed and handed out candy. Normally we would be in their neighborhood but my FIL had class and we wanted to be in our own neighborhood for a change. While we were eating we kept telling the kids to hurry up so we could go. All it took was a knock at the door and some trick-or-treaters for them to realize that they were missing out! There was hardly anybody on the street so the kids got overloaded with candy after just a few houses!

Just before bedtime my brother & sister-in-law brought over my sweet baby nephew. I was lucky enough to buy him his costume this year and he looked SO cute in it! We had a really nice visist with the 3 of them and then it was time for everyone to get to bed. Too bad Halloween wasn't on a Friday huh?

The next morning as we pulled up to the school, Colby asked "How come nobody is in their costumes?" So sweet and innocent huh? It should be Halloween EVERYDAY!!!


Cosmo Mom said...

Looks like a good time friend!

Megan said...

the kids were all sooo cute!