Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 6.....

So here we are, Day #6 of NaBloPoMo and I find myself scrambling for something to blog about. This is really crazy to me because if you were inside my lil head right now you would know just how much I have in there that I could share with you. But then you would also know why I don't/haven't. So here are some ramblings for you to enjoy this evening.
- I've been bitten by the creative bug, again. I have always been into craftiness, inherited from my mother. She is WAY more talented then I! Wish I had some pictures of her handiwork to show you but those are all on her computer. Anywho, I've been scrapbooking, making cards - just WAIT until you see the baby shower & thanksgiving invites that I have made in the last month! I will get pics up of them pronto! So now I am considering carrying my creativeness into the next month and toying with the ideas of making Christmas gifts for my family & friends. Hmmmm. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place and there are several gift ideas there, including some that my kids could take part in. Yes I am definitely thinking this could work!
- I've come to the conclusion that my house will NEVER be clean. And I'm ok with that. There will always be dishes in my sink, always laundry in the laundry room, always toys in various locations, and always a trashcan with trash in it. This is my home and I love it!
- My kids are growing up. FAST! Everyone always tells you how fast it went for them and for some crazy reason we never believe it. Until it happens to us. It is SO true! I can not believe that I have KIDS! I say that alot. They are full blow KIDS! Learning their address, writing their names, having friendships, helping around the house. WOW It is absolutely crazy how fast this all happened!
Ok so I could probably go on with more ramblings but I should save those just in case I come across another day this month with no set topic to share with the world!


Megan said...

its amazing how much you can come to find peace and happiness after your a mom! little things like watching you kids grow, or realizing your a wonderful mom, even if your house isn't PERFECTLY tidy all the time! I just love hearing about people who are just happy to be!! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

hello its Father, love the my house will never be clean "blog" next step is to teach that to your creative mom love that part too. Love you all, more later if this works)