Saturday, October 6, 2007


A few weeks ago the Coach and I got brave. Well more me than him, he just went along for the ride. We went to LOWE'S and bought PAINT for the kids rooms. Now you need to know that neither one of us has EVER painted a room EVER. So off the kids went to Poppie & Mammie's house and we got to work. We ended up painting till about 3 in the morning but we got both rooms done with their base colors! Can you guess which color is for which kid? ;)

Since then we have attempted to do some decorative painting. I had seen a design in a model home that I wanted done in Rex' room in a darker shade of blue and then the closet wall was to also be darker. Well it needs to be DARKER in my opinion but we'll have to fix that later. Oh and those squares should totally be meeting but the tape got in the way LOL We're gonna fix that too.

Now onto the Queenie's room. I was on my own with this one. I wanted STRIPES! Everyone says they don't look bad but I think they do! haha I plan on adding a chair rail and some white pinstripes eventually.

So this was umm I think a month ago, annnnnd they're still not done. Amazing how long 4day tape will actually stay up!