Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pictures from the big move!

Okay! Here they are! Just a few pics from the move. There are more here in the photo album titled Our House.

Here is David getting the keys & garage door openers!!!!!!

The van parked in OUR garage!!!

Our first dinner was Burger King LOL But isn't the floor gorgeous?!

This is the beautiful new sofa that my hubby bought me :)

And this is our new dining room table! It's pub heighth and came with 6 chairs!

With the help of our family & friends, and despite the horrendous Bakersfield heat, we were able to get completely moved out of the apartment in ONE weekend! The quickest move we ever made! We were all sooooo ecstatic to be in our home. We just kept saying "I can't believe this is OURS!" Filling my pantry was so much fun, doing laundry in my laundry room was a blast, David enjoys puttering in the garage, and LOWE'S has become our new fave spot to empty our bank account! I just wanna say thank you to everyone of you that helped us and prayed for us. We're planning a housewarming party for September 29th and we'd LOVE for everyone to stop by and see our place!