Friday, September 21, 2007


I have aspirations of becoming a mommy blogger. I am a mommy and I am a blogger but what I mean is someone like this or this one who just got a book deal! I really don't think I am as good of a writer as these lovely ladies are but my kids do some pretty crazy stuff so maybe that'll help me along? Hehehehe
So henceforth my husband, David, shall be known as Coach, Lacie will be known as Queenie, and Colby will be known as Rex ;)
Also, I am going to try and institute a few other things that I am stealing from these mommy bloggers.
Wordless Wednesday - I will find a sweet gem of a photo for your entertainment that will need no words to accompany it.
And, Thirteen Thursday - 13 is my favorite # so every Thursday I will come up with a list of 13 things. They may be 13 foods that I like, 13 books I have read, 13 funny things my kids have said to me. It will be something new every week :)
So stay tuned! And enjoy!