Saturday, July 14, 2007


When my father came to pick up my sister yesterday (as we're on our way out the door to go view a house) he tells me, "If you have 10 minutes to spare we wanna take the kids to the beach for the weekend" WHAT?!?!?! Do I not have the most wonderful parents?? But seriously, I am SO not a spontaneous person! I like to have plans, and lists, and prep time!!!! But I was flexible and found myself throwing clothes in backpacks - here's hoping they are both coordinating and warm enough! And then they were off!
How do we intend to spend this wonderful gift of a weekend you ask...
Well David is still sleeping but for some reason my body didn't feel like sleeping in on probably the one day all year that is allowed :( We of course still have some housework to do and shopping for the rest of the month (BLAH). But tonight we are going on a DATE! Dinner and a movie :) Can't wait!


mokemom said...

Im jealous, a date, no kids. lucky duck!!!! have fun!! Im glad your husband makes you as happy as mine makes me!