Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pure craziness

My life is always crazy (hence the title of my blog!) but in this past week, my life has jumped headfirst into the tornado that is adulthood. Yes I have been a legal adult for the past 8 years but you'll get my drift if you continue reading.
This past Monday we got a visit from the State of California licensing board. Apparently, it is illegal to care for more than one family outside of your own. Well I care for 2 seperate families and someone ratted me out. I maintain - there are just some people that have WAY too much time on their hands! So in order to continue to provide the care for these families (MY FRIENDS!), I have to get licensed with the state. Which is a HUGE PAIN IN THE REAR!
Then on the very next day, Tuesday, we get the call that we have been waiting for for seriously like the past 7 years. WE GOT PRE APPROVED FOR A HOME LOAN!!!!! AHHHHH So scary and exciting all at the same time! We started "shopping" immediately and have come up with a few we like in our price range and even went and looked at one last night. We're going to go see it again tomorrow and make our final decisions by Monday morning. Leave it to us to fall in love with the FIRST house we see! But we are keeping our options open and our hearts guarded!
More updates to come!


mokemom said...

so to whoever ratted on you- Thanks, because Katie is gonna get this done and make some more $$$, so I hope you have someone else to bother. Do something with yourself and leave good people alone!

The house!!!!! I am so happy for you guys. When my husband bought his, he looked at a million and bought the one he looked at first, I believe in love at first sight, but if you don't get a house close to me i'll still visit!