Sunday, January 4, 2009

Homemade Christmas

It was one of my goals this year to MAKE most of the gifts that we gave out this year. I was actually a good girl and got started way back in October :) But to be quite honest most of the gifts were completed in the last few days before Christmas and several were cancelled all together.

As excited as I was about this idea of mine, I also had quite a few doubts. Doubts of my skills as a VERY new sewer person, and doubts that the people we are giving the gifts to would be happy with JUST a gift I put together. These doubts led to purchasing gifts so that most people got something home made and something bought. And some people just got something bought.
In the end I became more confident in my skills as a crafty gal and the people that received our homemade goodness were very appreciative.
I have been dying to share pics of all of my creations with you guys for the past few months. But couldn't because I'm still not exactly sure who reads my blog and who doesn't (mostly because no one comments uhem). Oh and I didn't get pics of everything but without further adieu:
Altered clipboards for my kids teachers

A lil taggie lovie for my aunt's baby

A big fleecey flannel Nebraska Husker blanket for my stepdad. GO BIG RED!

My Nana collects nativity scenes so I had the kids draw some for her and then framed them.

These are the images I used in my snapfish calendars, digitally scrapbooked.
Not pictured: mini brag books for my brother, Dad & Stepmom, BIL & his wife, and my inlaws. The kids also drew pictures of whatever they wanted for my inlaws and they put stickers on the gifts they gave Auntie and Isabelle. Also, I used for my mom & Nana, printed them up from home and put them in a nice frame.

Oh and I also "made" this. The kids got wii toys in their happy meals one day and this one was just screaming for some hot glue & ribbon. Voila a Wii Christmas ornament!!!


See Sherm Blog said...

CUTE! I wish I had enough crafting skills to make gifts each year. But I need some practice with a sewing machine and hot glue gun before I can do that. Everything you made turned out so cute. My sister got my parents their 2009 calendar that she put together. So I told her I have dibs on the 2010 calendar. :-)

LOVE the clip boards too. And of course the taggie blanket. I like how you did the tags on the side.

Anonymous said...

Well my arm made the cut. Guess I should be happy for that at least.

Cheeziemommie said...

IF this is Shawna - sorry! But I did get a cute pic of Natalie that day :)
If this is my mother - wah! If you'll move on to the next post you'll notice a very sweet picture of JUST you and your granddaughter reading the book you bought her :Þ

Cosmo Mom said...

i LOVE the CLIPBOARD i'll be stealing that idea from here on out. hahaha