Monday, December 8, 2008

Gifts for my bestie's girls

So happy I can finally share these pics! My bestie's youngest, Miss Presley, (yes the one with diabetes), turned 3 this pass weekend. She is a dinosaur loving girl - which I LOVE! - so I got the idea to make her a dino blankie. Someone please tell me why it is so bloody hard to find GIRLY dino fabric? Oy! Anyway, I like to think that this quilt and pillowcase set turned out pretty darn cute! What do you think?

Love those cute lil dino buttons!!!
I also made their Christmas presents. I wanted them ready to go so I wouldn't have to bother with shipping! These are crayon rolls. They hold 16 crayons, and roll up nicely to fit in mommy's purse for those restaurant or doctor's office waits! They each got a coloring book to go with. Super fast, super easy, and very cost effective! This fabric was a $1 a yard at walmart. A yard will make you ALOT of crayon rolls. Oh and I bought several boxes of crayons during the back to school sales - Crayolas for 22cents for a box of 24!


Cosmo Mom said...

So cute! I LOVE the Crayola Roll. Make some for your kids and put my name on it. AHAHAHAH. JUST KIDDING! Presley loves her blanket, she sleeps with it and doesn't want ANY other blanket to go with her Dino one. Just the one little dino blanket does her just right.

See Sherm Blog said...

WOAH! I'm impressed. Sewing is definitely something I want to learn... and I am wishing I bought a machine the second I found out I was pregnant. These are soooo cute! That crayola roll is so creative!