Thursday, September 4, 2008

Only 50 more days!!!

Only 50 more days till I drive down to San Diego to participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Walk for a Cure!I am getting SO excited and am really proud to say that I am about 3/4 of the way towards reaching my goal! Thank you to so many of you that have donated so far and have spread the word to your family and friends! I'm sending this bulletin out as an update on my progress so far but also as a reminder. It's been awhile since I've mentioned it but it has not been long since Presley has had to deal with this disease. This is an every day, all day affair for lil Presley and her family. It does not rest, it does not go away, it is there ALWAYS. No matter how much fun she's having, no matter how many steps her parents take to ensure her healh, it is still there, raging.This is why I am walking. To find a cure. So that this past year of Presley's life will not be in vain. So that we can get one step closer to making it all go away.So I'm asking for your support again. Whether it be through money, or simply by forwarding this bulletin to your friends and family.Please know that any efforts are greatly appreciated!Here's the link to my page - Presley's Blue Suede Shoe Crew

And here's the beautiful reason why I walk -


Cosmo Mom said...

woohoo!! wow it's coming up FAST!