Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fundraiser for my kids' school!!!!

We got our first fundraiser of the year and it's one of those fun catalog types with gifts, chocolates, nuts, wrapping paper, etc.All for great prices! I know I don't see all of you on a regular basis but the cool thing about this is that you can ORDER ONLINE!!!! www. sigfund. com

You do have to know my kids' names and their school name so send me a email when you get ready to order.Or I could come and pick up your $$ and order if you are local :)
Money and orders are due by October 10th and your items will be delivered after November 5th!
Lacie has her heart set on a limo ride to Chuck E Cheese - she has to sell 20 items to get that.So help us out will ya?
They are raising money for the Parent Club, field trips, and fun assemblies.


Constructive Attitude said...

Aww I remember doing this. No one would ever want to buy from me though. My parents were the only ones, and my siblings and I would put all of our money together to buy a box of chocolate for ourselves. I dont see schools doing this much anymore. What happened?

Good luck to your daughter :)