Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day #6 - Avila

Ok this is what happens when you wait to long to write about your vacation. I know that we went to Avila for dinner and that it was on our last night but I can NOT remember what we did the rest of the day! I'll have to ask David tonight when he gets home cause that is REALLY bugging me!

Anyway, evening time, we go to Avila to eat at the fabulous Fat Cat's mmmmmmm. And then took the kids to play at the wonderful park and to walk along the ocean one last time before we headed home the next day. It was a really nice evening. The kids played while David & I reflected on our vacation. And then we were able to squeeze in the ONLY family picture taken the whole time! Thank goodness for Self Timers!

Ok just gotta write about our trip home/Colby's birthday and then I'll be done with the first week of August LOL