Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Poor Hunny Bunny

It was a Happy/Sad/Happy/Sad/Mad/Happy/Bummed/Happy Father's Day for my hubby. Yes he went through all of those emotions on Sunday. He woke up to a darling little breakfast of apple jacks (dry), some animal cookies, and a Christmas mug with OJ. Along with adorable handmade gifts and the morning paper. All brought in on a breakfast tray by his munchkins so that he could eat in bed. It really was pretty cute to watch.

After everyone was up I went to get him his REAL Father's Day breakfast - a fatty breakfast burrito from John's Burgers. His absolute fave. And while I was out on this errand, the emotional rollercoaster begin it's climb.
David had found a ticket to the Lakers playoff game for that night, for less than HALF of the normal going rate on EBAY. After a bit of discussion - because half price is still ALOT - we decide he's gonna go for it. Well he missed it. By seconds. Which of course sends him off on a hunt. He ends up finding one on StubHub but by the time he gets on the phone, that one is gone too.

Now he's way bummed and I'm like Dude do NOT mess with fate buddy! But of course he's dying now and he finds ANOTHER on on Ebay. Only it's an auction. So for an hour we participate in a bidding war....and WIN. My husband is peeing his pants.

We wait and wait for the seller to email him the ticket so that David can get on the road in time and he takes forever. Finally an email comes through and the seller says he LOST the ticket.


I personally think that maybe he just changed his mind but couldn't really say that because that's illegal in Ebay-land but we'll really never know. And because David was in a hurry to get the ticket, he paid through paypal immediately, which meant that now we had $XXX tied up so he wasn't able to attempt purchasing a ticket from someone else.

I really did feel bad for him. It would have been a dream come true. Possibly a once in a lifetime dream come true.

My poor hunny bunny. At least the Lakers one that night. Not that it did them much good :(
Good thing he has cute kids and an adoring wife huh? hehehe