Friday, June 20, 2008

Fourth of July

My in laws live right across the street from the college in town that hosts the big firework's show every year. SO, since I've been married to David - with the exception of the year that Lacie was born, cause we were in the hospital that night - we've been at their house for the 4th. A few years after we got married I started making flyers/invitations to be sent out to family & friends. These bad boys have come a loooooong way if I do say so myself :) I'm particularly proud of the ones for this year cause I get to show off my mad digiscrappin' skills (lol). I just ordered them to be printed by Costco and was so excited to see that I could have them print "Created by..." on the back!!! So fun! I'm also going to include a lil note with all the major deets about the party. So, whadya think?


Megan said...

adorable! I need to check out that digscraping stuff it looks fun!

StepheLynne said...

You are SO talented!