Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's a Sad World After All

So I knew that the It's a Small World ride was going to be closed for quite some time. It was my understanding that this closure was so that they could revamp the boats and the track for safety reasons. Bummer that it's closed but totally understandable right? Sure.

Then I get an email. And in this email is an article titled "Save the Rainforest, Save the Small World", so I start reading and my jaw just drops to the floor! I click on link after link praying and praying that what I'm reading is NOT true. But I could find nothing to calm my fears.

Apparently, Disneyland and the powers that be have decided that It's a Small World needs and EXTREME Makeover. They are planning on removing the rainforest section and replacing it with a tribute to America section "a message in commercialism"- this I actually don't have so much of a problem with but then after reading the history of the development of the ride I just don't see why they need to remove the rainforest completely.

The thing that I absolutely can not get over is the fact that they are planning on adding CHARACTERS from Disney movies throughout the ride! Like Aladdin & Jasmine in the Arabia section, and Lilo & Stitch in the hawaii area. WHY!? I had no idea that the ride was built for UNICEF. Now that I know this I think it's really ridiculous to add those characters to the ride.

So apparently there is a whole lot of people with their panties in a twist over this! Of course there are your consistent Disney haters but there are also historians and just plain ole normal people that are upset over this too. And I am now one of them. I just can't imagine taking my kids on the new version of this ride. Just way to weird to me!

So what do YOU think?


StepheLynne said...

I hadn't heard about this...crazy!