Sunday, February 3, 2008


I love the weekends. Sleeping in OR getting up early but just laying around. Not having to get ready, change butts, drive to and fro across town (unless we want to!). I live for these weekends! Most Saturday and Sunday morning the kids are in bed with us and we're wrestling, tickling, and giggling, or just chatting about our plans for the day. I pretty much always make breakfast for everyone - either pancakes or eggs and sausage. The hubs and I take turns sleeping in. We take family naps. Ahhh it's just REALLY nice! Even though we have to clean the house we still have a blast. We also like to go to the mall, out to eat, or to the park. I can't wait till the weather starts getting nicer and we can go on bike rides or picnics!!! MMMMMM


Megan said...

ahhh the weekend! just gotta love it :)