Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Here is a link that will tell you ALLLLL about an interesting lil contraption that I came across this evening.
I had never heard of it till today but apparently it is quite a popular thing to have.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this lil thing


Colleen Sherman said...

I have NEVER heard of this! It seems horribly disgusting and I could not imagine doing this in a public restroom. I'm gonna need to hear about it a little more on tv and magazines before I shell out $35 for something as strange as this. But hey... it could be the newest and greatest thing soon and I will stand corrected.

StepheLynne said...

Fascinating! I really have no desire to become more intimate with my bodily fluids than necessary, but thinking about tampons and pads rotting in landfills is pretty gross since they don't just disappear when we're done with them...although I'd prefer to believe after they're gone, they're just gone...hahaha

Cosmo Mom said...

Well, I think they made a few good points, like the land fields. I never thought of that. Gross!!! I also thought they had a good point about tampons how they can dry you out, and how they don't only absorb what they are made for, but your bodies only cleaning defenses. Interesting I say. I think it would be gross dumping blood into a toilet that came from your body, but really is it MUCH grosser than sitting in a pad, in your own blood? Or pulling a string and a cotton soaked blood wade falling out? Probably not. I think it's interesting. I don't think I would be opposed to trying it. Like colleen said above about changing it in public, that would be nasty, BUT they day for MOST women it isn't necessary because it holds that much "stuff" hahaha