Friday, December 14, 2007


I can breathe again. I just finished cleaning out and reorganzing my pantry. It has been driving me bonkers! :) And that is finally ONE thing I can cross of my holiday time to-do list! Unfortunately there are several others that I have not been able to gather the gumption (or time) for! I am hoping that by the end of the weekend I will have a few more things crossed off and a few more in the works! I have 9 days to get these things DONE!

  • clean out pantry
  • get crafty - making some gifts
  • figure out what to get & buy parents' gifts
  • figure out what to get & buy teacher gifts
  • buy brother's family gifts
  • gift for 1 daycare baby
  • husband's stocking stuffers
  • buy last gifts for kids
  • organize christmas gifts
  • wrap christmas gifts
  • grocery shopping
  • shopping for baking day
  • DO baking day