Sunday, November 25, 2007

We Gave Many Thanks...

Thanksgiving, as with every other holiday around here, was met with many different celebrations. First was last Saturday, a Pre Thanksgiving dinner at Poppie & Mammie's house. Then, Tuesday was the kids' Thanksgiving Feast & Performance at their school. Adorable as ever even though I'm pretty sure they sing the same songs every year. And then finally Thursday. The Coach and I invited his family into our home for our first Thanksgiving (as hosts). We had LOTS of bird drama but everything turned out beautifully and we are more than ready to host again next year! As long as we aren't left with 4 pumpkin pies, a pumpkin log, cookies, & 2 pumpkin cheesecakes again!! Ready for pictures?

Woah Mammie that's a big turkey!

My baby girl and I

Auntie & her boy

My wonderful family

She requested the turkey leg weeks in advance!

Grandkids with Poppie & Mammie

One of the cutie patootie cupcakes the kids & I made to share with friends & family

Lacie on stage

Colby on stage

Colby & Isabelle's class were turkeys

Lacie's were indians

They are just too stinkin cute!

Papa & Nonna - my inlaws


My loves

This year Colby was thankful for Pump it Up

Lacie was thankful for her Mommy - too sweet!

Here we go - putting the bird in
Decorating their table"cloth" that I made them
Looks good!
MMMM dessert!
It's not Thanksgiving without a nap right?


Megan said...

OMG how cute the kids were!
I love, love, the cupcakes and kids table "cloth" idea, I am going to have to steal them!
Happy Holidays!

Cosmo Mom said...

Great pictures friend, I dont know what Pump it up is, but that makes me love it even more, i love that lacie is Thankful for you TO SWEET. and i LOVE the frames you've hung int he living room (seen in picture with papa a nonna). Looks like a really great kick off to a really great holiday season!