Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So this year I am hosting (along with my darling husband) my FIRST Thanksgiving ever! I've hosted Easter before, and other various occasions before. But NEVER this specific holiday where there is SO much cooking involved. I don't cook.....well. I have been known to burn just about everything form spaghetti noodles to chili beans from a can. I used to tell my mom that when it came time for me to have Thanksgiving at my house I would just be ordering pizzas for everyone! Well we our having several of The Coach's family members over for Turkey and all the fixings next Thursday. LOVELY! I am really excited about it but I have NO business attempting to cook THE most important part of this very important meal! Not to mention everything else that goes along with hosting a major holiday! The Coach wrote out our game plan tonight, he tells me not to stress, that if everything isn't perfect things will still be great.

WHAT!!!!! Things not be PERFECT? When there are guests coming over? This will just not do!

So I'm working on getting things done around here and ready for our big day!

  • finish hanging photos & decor in the livingroom, hallway, bathroom, & our room. I'd liek to get stuff up in the kids rooms too if we can (hahaha see next item)

  • finish painting kids rooms that we started about 8 weeks ago (hahahahaha)

  • CLEAN every nook & cranny that may or not be noticed by guests

  • grocery shopping for 15 guests for a meal that I've never ever cooked before

  • BRINE the turkey - I hear this is very important

  • figure out how to work my roaster that I've had for 2 (or 3) years but have never used

  • get decorations & table settings made and whatnot

That's what we have on the list so far. It could grow or it could shorten within the next few days. Because this list is floating there amidst our normal life or work, children, and family obligations.

Here are the invitations I mailed out to family that I am very proud of:

And here is an ideas I found for the kiddie table (which will only have MY kids at it LOL):

the centerpiece -

this would be THEIR kiddie table covered in brown paper wrapping for them to decorate -


Cosmo Mom said...

i TOTALLY LOVE your invitations!

bmw100@lycos.com (Beamer) said...

Uhm, I have never heard of brining a turkey before, so I am curious how that turns out.

One thing I can suggest, leave the stuffing out of the turkey. A chef I worked with just threw in a whole apple and a whole onion inside the turkey. The stuffing HAS to get up to temperature, especially if you use egg in the dressing. You definitely don't want people getting sick from your dressing.