Sunday, August 19, 2007


I just put my first born, my sweet baby girl to bed, after letting her pick out her clothes, packing her lunch, and painting her nails. Tomorrow she will wake up a full fledge KINDERGARTENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When did this happen? Wasn't it a week ago that we brought home our lil 7lb 1 oz, was supposed to have been a boy, beautiful baby girl? And then just a few days ago she took those first steps, and said those first words? Now she is writing, reading a bit, and bossing US around in that cute lil voice of hers, with those sassy lil hips and gorgeous eyes.
I am so NOT ready to turn her loose in this scary world!
She is of course BEYOND excited :) I'm excited for her. I have GREAT kindergarten memories. She'll be making her own this year.