Friday, July 20, 2007

Some other people's children

I will never understand why some people think it is OK to take advantage of others.
David and I learned our first hard lesson of home-buying. The one we made our offer on didn't go through :( The owner's decided they wanted to add $10K back on to the listing price! SO rude! And then in the middle of negotiating their agent just stops communicating! We never even got an official refusal of our offer.
Needless to say, David and I are very disappointed, but at the same time we don't want to get caught up in their shadiness. There must be a very good reason why we are not getting this house and we're just dealing with accepting that.
Our new plan of action is to enjoy the rest of our summer (VACATION in 2 weeks WOOHOO!), pay off more debt, and then try our hand in the housing market again in a few months. We will be able to get an even better loan AND house by then!