Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So proud of us!

I am SO proud of my hubby and I! We are trying to buy a house so things are extremely tight for us this month. We are forgoing our wonderful vacation to help support the cause :( But things like bills and groceries can't be ignored! So we go to COSTCO tonight to get the food and whatnots that we need for the month. Now normally it is not hard for us to come out with a $300 bill because we are so easily tempted by the books & movies LOL But tonight we stuck strictly to our list - with the exception of new sippies for the kids which they REALLY needed - and guess what!
We came out with a grand total of......

I am SOOOO unbelievably proud of us! Not just for this but mostly for being in the place that we are today. A year ago we were ending each mont overdrawn, completely stressed to the max. And now here we are planning on buying a house before the end of the year. My husband has worked his tail off WAY more than me to make this possible. He is SO good to me!

Ok enough for now :)