Monday, July 9, 2007

NEW Lia Sophia Catalog!!

Our Fall/Winter 2007 Catalog has just been released! You can view it at here. Go to OUR JEWELRY to view catalogs. You can also place orders from that site! And be sure to check out our amazing hostess benefits!!!
The July special is Buy 1 get your 2 most expensive choices at 1/2 off!
The August special will be Buy 2 get your 2 most expensive choices at 1/2 off!
Also, if you choose to host a party with me during the month of July OR August I will give you an EXTRA hostess item for FREEEEE (up to $100 value!)
Happy shopping!


lollarmommy said... do you feel about your parents?

Megan said...

I wanna buy some jewlery this month!! I'll talk to your tomarrow about when I am hosting a party ect....I LOVE LIA SOPHIA!!! :)

Cheeziemommie said...

I LOVE MY PARENTS!!! Note: a blog completely devoted to their wonderfulness will be coming soon!

Megan - can't wait to chat tomorrow!

Laurie said...


I want to have a party at work. Let's chat. We need to rendezvous with the kids for birthday presents delivery, too. Will you be out at you Mom's soon?